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Catastrophic Ground Coverage vs. Sinkhole Coverage


1) The abrupt collapse of the ground cover;

2) A depression in the ground cover clearly

visible to the naked eye;

3) Structural damage to the building

including the foundation; and

4) The insured structure being condemned

and ordered to be vacated by a government

agency authorized by law to issue such an

order for that structure.

Contents coverage applies if there is a loss

resulting from catastrophic ground cover


Structural damage consisting merely of the

settling or cracking of a foundation,

structure or building does not constitute a

loss resulting from CCGC.

*All policies include this coverage


Sinkhole Loss Coverage Endorsement:

This peril means the settlement of

systematic weakening of the earth

supporting such property only when such

settlement or systematic weakening

results from movement or raveling of

soils, sediments or rock materials into

subterranean voids created by the effect

or water on limestone or similar rock


????Sinkhole Loss???? means structural damage

to the building, including the foundation,

caused by sinkhole activity.

Contents coverage shall apply only if

there is structural damage to the building

caused by the sinkhole.


Be Informed! Your policy includes Catastrophic Ground Cover

Collapse whether or not you have the sinkhole loss coverage