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What is a No Fault State?

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Aug 06, 2012

No-fault auto insurance is a reality, at least to some extent, in many states. If you live in one of insurance agent or state’s department of insurance to find out the specific details of your state. states, this means that instead of determining who is at fault in any given accident and then making that individual’s insurance policy cover associated expenses from injuries, insurance companies simply insure and pay the claims for damages of their individual clients—regardless of whether or not their client was the person at fault.

The goal of establishing a no-fault insurance system in several states was not to allow dangerous drivers in these areas to avoid the financial consequences of their actions. Instead, no-fault insurance was set up to limit the amount of time and money spent on lawsuits because instead of having to sue the individual who is at fault for the injuries you received in an accident, in a no-fault state you can simply make a claim against your own insurance policy and receive payment. This ensures that victims get the money they need to get treatment for their injuries without having to wait for the at-fault driver’s insurance to step in and without having to engage in lengthy court battles over establishing accident responsibility.

No-fault states are generally only no-fault when it comes to the personal injury protection (PIP) portion of their policies. Property damage is something that can be sued for, or a driver can rely on their uninsured motorist coverage for reimbursement. Drivers in no-fault states may (in some circumstances) still be permitted to sue the at-fault individual if the damage is severe and costly enough. Check with your

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